Summer Satchel

Summer Satchel includes:  

ALL TOGETHER Shampoo and Body Wash - This 2 in 1 product is available in Citrus, Lavender, and Freedom. - just specify your preference in the comments when placing order.

SKIN SOOTHER - a natural comfort for minor skin irritations, abrasions, and itches.

PEST REJECTION Insect Repellent - because it's not us, it's them. When they are sucking the life out of you, it's time to break-up. As effective as Burt's Bees, without the greasy feel.

GOOD SCENTS Perfume or Cologne - choose from our variety of fragrances.

PALE-FACE WAR PAINT - for those who turn red instead of tan at the pool. Water and sweat resistant!

AFTER SUN OIL - takes the sting and redness out of sun overexposure This stuff is amazing.

SWAK Lip Balm - is the best news in lip balm, since, well, since lip balm!

* All products included in the full size packaging.  A great value for summer time fun!

As our gift to you, all these products come in an attractive and natural jute tote with an eco-friendly refillable water bottle. *Towel and swimsuit not included.

Summer Satchel

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